CITRUE BISABOLOL produced by Citróleo is a 100% natural product sustainably obtained from the fractional distillation of the essential oil of a native Brazilian tree called Candeia (Eremanthus erythropappus).

The Candeia tree is cultivated by following Citróleo’s private forest management plan and also through partnerships with rural producers, which not only watch the planned harvest of the trees, but also secure their preservation, sowing and natural regeneration.

Citróleo has several environmental projects of sustainable planting to preserve the natural biodiversity of the fauna and the flora, besides its social responsibility with the producers and their families.

Citróleo has a FSC® certification for the Candeia forest management and the production of Bisabolol.

The diverse effects of alpha-Bisabolol have been comprehensively demonstrated in many studies:

  • anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties
  • counteracts the skin reddening induced by exposure to UV light
  • antibacterial and antimycotic effects

CITRUE BISABOLOL has been assessed as compliant to COSMOS standard by ECOCERT Greenlife.

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