BioGenic Caffeine-210 / BioGenic Sallic-210

Monday, 25. February 2019

Biogenic’s encapsulation technology for clear solution: Oligomer Complex

  • oil soluble or insoluble active ingredients are solubilized by ‘Oligomer complex’ technology
  • clear solutions can be formed from water insoluble ingredients  
  • surfactant-free solubilizing system

BioGenic Sallic-210 benefits:

  • water-soluble form of Salicylic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid has been used widely in cosmetic applications due to its anti-acne and anti-microbial efficacy
  • alcohol-free formulation (efficacy without irritation)
  • soluble in aqueous solution without recrystallization

BioGenic Caffeine-210 benefits

  • water-soluble form of Caffeine
  • Caffeine has been used widely in cosmetics due to its anti-cellulite efficacy and to help to improve microcirculation in skin
  • incorporate high concentrations of Caffeine into cosmetic products without recrystallization

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